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* Copyright (c) 2013-2014 Kurt Jung (Gmail: kurt.w.jung)
* Permission to use, copy, modify, and distribute this software for any
* purpose with or without fee is hereby granted, provided that the above
* copyright notice and this permission notice appear in all copies.
package gofpdf
import (
// Version of FPDF from which this package is derived
const (
cnFpdfVersion = "1.7"
type blendModeType struct {
strokeStr, fillStr, modeStr string
objNum int
type gradientType struct {
tp int // 2: linear, 3: radial
clr1Str, clr2Str string
x1, y1, x2, y2, r float64
objNum int
const (
// OrientationPortrait represents the portrait orientation.
OrientationPortrait = "portrait"
// OrientationLandscape represents the landscape orientation.
OrientationLandscape = "landscape"
const (
// UnitPoint represents the size unit point
UnitPoint = "pt"
// UnitMillimeter represents the size unit millimeter
UnitMillimeter = "mm"
// UnitCentimeter represents the size unit centimeter
UnitCentimeter = "cm"
// UnitInch represents the size unit inch
UnitInch = "inch"
const (
// PageSizeA3 represents DIN/ISO A3 page size
PageSizeA3 = "A3"
// PageSizeA4 represents DIN/ISO A4 page size
PageSizeA4 = "A4"
// PageSizeA5 represents DIN/ISO A5 page size
PageSizeA5 = "A5"
// PageSizeLetter represents US Letter page size
PageSizeLetter = "Letter"
// PageSizeLegal represents US Legal page size
PageSizeLegal = "Legal"
const (
// BorderNone set no border
BorderNone = ""
// BorderFull sets a full border
BorderFull = "1"
// BorderLeft sets the border on the left side
BorderLeft = "L"
// BorderTop sets the border at the top
BorderTop = "T"
// BorderRight sets the border on the right side
BorderRight = "R"
// BorderBottom sets the border on the bottom
BorderBottom = "B"
const (
// LineBreakNone disables linebreak
LineBreakNone = 0
// LineBreakNormal enables normal linebreak
LineBreakNormal = 1
// LineBreakBelow enables linebreak below
LineBreakBelow = 2
const (
// AlignLeft left aligns the cell
AlignLeft = "L"
// AlignRight right aligns the cell
AlignRight = "R"
// AlignCenter centers the cell
AlignCenter = "C"
// AlignTop aligns the cell to the top
AlignTop = "T"
// AlignBottom aligns the cell to the bottom
AlignBottom = "B"
// AlignMiddle aligns the cell to the middle
AlignMiddle = "M"
// AlignBaseline aligns the cell to the baseline
AlignBaseline = "B"
type colorMode int
const (
colorModeRGB colorMode = iota
type colorType struct {
r, g, b float64
ir, ig, ib int
mode colorMode
spotStr string // name of current spot color
gray bool
str string
// SpotColorType specifies a named spot color value
type spotColorType struct {
id, objID int
val cmykColorType
// CMYKColorType specifies an ink-based CMYK color value
type cmykColorType struct {
c, m, y, k byte // 0% to 100%
// SizeType fields Wd and Ht specify the horizontal and vertical extents of a
// document element such as a page.
type SizeType struct {
Wd, Ht float64
// PointType fields X and Y specify the horizontal and vertical coordinates of
// a point, typically used in drawing.
type PointType struct {
X, Y float64
// XY returns the X and Y components of the receiver point.
func (p PointType) XY() (float64, float64) {
return p.X, p.Y
// ImageInfoType contains size, color and other information about an image.
// Changes to this structure should be reflected in its GobEncode and GobDecode
// methods.
type ImageInfoType struct {
data []byte // Raw image data
smask []byte // Soft Mask, an 8bit per-pixel transparency mask
n int // Image object number
w float64 // Width
h float64 // Height
cs string // Color space
pal []byte // Image color palette
bpc int // Bits Per Component
f string // Image filter
dp string // DecodeParms
trns []int // Transparency mask
scale float64 // Document scale factor
dpi float64 // Dots-per-inch found from image file (png only)
i string // SHA-1 checksum of the above values.
func generateImageID(info *ImageInfoType) (string, error) {
b, err := info.GobEncode()
return fmt.Sprintf("%x", sha1.Sum(b)), err
// GobEncode encodes the receiving image to a byte slice.
func (info *ImageInfoType) GobEncode() (buf []byte, err error) {
fields := []interface{}{, info.smask, info.n, info.w, info.h, info.cs,
info.pal, info.bpc, info.f, info.dp, info.trns, info.scale, info.dpi}
w := new(bytes.Buffer)
encoder := gob.NewEncoder(w)
for j := 0; j < len(fields) && err == nil; j++ {
err = encoder.Encode(fields[j])
if err == nil {
buf = w.Bytes()
// GobDecode decodes the specified byte buffer (generated by GobEncode) into
// the receiving image.
func (info *ImageInfoType) GobDecode(buf []byte) (err error) {
fields := []interface{}{&, &info.smask, &info.n, &info.w, &info.h,
&info.cs, &info.pal, &info.bpc, &info.f, &info.dp, &info.trns, &info.scale, &info.dpi}
r := bytes.NewBuffer(buf)
decoder := gob.NewDecoder(r)
for j := 0; j < len(fields) && err == nil; j++ {
err = decoder.Decode(fields[j])
info.i, err = generateImageID(info)
// PointConvert returns the value of pt, expressed in points (1/72 inch), as a
// value expressed in the unit of measure specified in New(). Since font
// management in Fpdf uses points, this method can help with line height
// calculations and other methods that require user units.
func (f *Fpdf) PointConvert(pt float64) (u float64) {
return pt / f.k
// PointToUnitConvert is an alias for PointConvert.
func (f *Fpdf) PointToUnitConvert(pt float64) (u float64) {
return pt / f.k
// UnitToPointConvert returns the value of u, expressed in the unit of measure
// specified in New(), as a value expressed in points (1/72 inch). Since font
// management in Fpdf uses points, this method can help with setting font sizes
// based on the sizes of other non-font page elements.
func (f *Fpdf) UnitToPointConvert(u float64) (pt float64) {
return u * f.k
// Extent returns the width and height of the image in the units of the Fpdf
// object.
func (info *ImageInfoType) Extent() (wd, ht float64) {
return info.Width(), info.Height()
// Width returns the width of the image in the units of the Fpdf object.
func (info *ImageInfoType) Width() float64 {
return info.w / (info.scale * info.dpi / 72)
// Height returns the height of the image in the units of the Fpdf object.
func (info *ImageInfoType) Height() float64 {
return info.h / (info.scale * info.dpi / 72)
// SetDpi sets the dots per inch for an image. PNG images MAY have their dpi
// set automatically, if the image specifies it. DPI information is not
// currently available automatically for JPG and GIF images, so if it's
// important to you, you can set it here. It defaults to 72 dpi.
func (info *ImageInfoType) SetDpi(dpi float64) {
info.dpi = dpi
type fontFileType struct {
length1, length2 int64
n int
embedded bool
content []byte
fontType string
type linkType struct {
x, y, wd, ht float64
link int // Auto-generated internal link ID or...
linkStr string // ...application-provided external link string
type intLinkType struct {
page int
y float64
// outlineType is used for a sidebar outline of bookmarks
type outlineType struct {
text string
level, parent, first, last, next, prev int
y float64
p int
// InitType is used with NewCustom() to customize an Fpdf instance.
// OrientationStr, UnitStr, SizeStr and FontDirStr correspond to the arguments
// accepted by New(). If the Wd and Ht fields of Size are each greater than
// zero, Size will be used to set the default page size rather than SizeStr. Wd
// and Ht are specified in the units of measure indicated by UnitStr.
type InitType struct {
OrientationStr string
UnitStr string
SizeStr string
Size SizeType
FontDirStr string
Density float64
// FontLoader is used to read fonts (JSON font specification and zlib compressed font binaries)
// from arbitrary locations (e.g. files, zip files, embedded font resources).
// Open provides an io.Reader for the specified font file (.json or .z). The file name
// never includes a path. Open returns an error if the specified file cannot be opened.
type FontLoader interface {
Open(name string) (io.Reader, error)
// Pdf defines the interface used for various methods. It is implemented by the
// main FPDF instance as well as templates.
type Pdf interface {
AddFont(familyStr, styleStr, fileStr string)
AddFontFromBytes(familyStr, styleStr string, jsonFileBytes, zFileBytes []byte)
AddFontFromReader(familyStr, styleStr string, r io.Reader)
AddLayer(name string, visible bool) (layerID int)
AddLink() int
AddPageFormat(orientationStr string, size SizeType)
AddSpotColor(nameStr string, c, m, y, k byte)
AliasNbPages(aliasStr string)
ArcTo(x, y, rx, ry, degRotate, degStart, degEnd float64)
Arc(x, y, rx, ry, degRotate, degStart, degEnd float64, styleStr string)
BeginLayer(id int)
Beziergon(points []PointType, styleStr string)
Bookmark(txtStr string, level int, y float64)
CellFormat(w, h float64, txtStr, borderStr string, ln int, alignStr string, fill bool, link int, linkStr string)
Cellf(w, h float64, fmtStr string, args ...interface{})
Cell(w, h float64, txtStr string)
Circle(x, y, r float64, styleStr string)
ClipCircle(x, y, r float64, outline bool)
ClipEllipse(x, y, rx, ry float64, outline bool)
ClipPolygon(points []PointType, outline bool)
ClipRect(x, y, w, h float64, outline bool)
ClipRoundedRect(x, y, w, h, r float64, outline bool)
ClipText(x, y float64, txtStr string, outline bool)
CreateTemplateCustom(corner PointType, size SizeType, fn func(*Tpl)) Template
CreateTemplate(fn func(*Tpl)) Template
CurveBezierCubicTo(cx0, cy0, cx1, cy1, x, y float64)
CurveBezierCubic(x0, y0, cx0, cy0, cx1, cy1, x1, y1 float64, styleStr string)
CurveCubic(x0, y0, cx0, cy0, x1, y1, cx1, cy1 float64, styleStr string)
CurveTo(cx, cy, x, y float64)
Curve(x0, y0, cx, cy, x1, y1 float64, styleStr string)
DrawPath(styleStr string)
Ellipse(x, y, rx, ry, degRotate float64, styleStr string)
Err() bool
Error() error
GetAlpha() (alpha float64, blendModeStr string)
GetAutoPageBreak() (auto bool, margin float64)
GetCellMargin() float64
GetConversionRatio() float64
GetDrawColor() (int, int, int)
GetDrawSpotColor() (name string, c, m, y, k byte)
GetFillColor() (int, int, int)
GetFillSpotColor() (name string, c, m, y, k byte)
GetFontDesc(familyStr, styleStr string) FontDescType
GetFontSize() (ptSize, unitSize float64)
GetImageInfo(imageStr string) (info *ImageInfoType)
GetLineWidth() float64
GetMargins() (left, top, right, bottom float64)
GetPageSizeStr(sizeStr string) (size SizeType)
GetPageSize() (width, height float64)
GetStringWidth(s string) float64
GetTextColor() (int, int, int)
GetTextSpotColor() (name string, c, m, y, k byte)
GetX() float64
GetXY() (float64, float64)
GetY() float64
HTMLBasicNew() (html HTMLBasicType)
Image(imageNameStr string, x, y, w, h float64, flow bool, tp string, link int, linkStr string)
ImageOptions(imageNameStr string, x, y, w, h float64, flow bool, options ImageOptions, link int, linkStr string)
ImageTypeFromMime(mimeStr string) (tp string)
LinearGradient(x, y, w, h float64, r1, g1, b1, r2, g2, b2 int, x1, y1, x2, y2 float64)
LineTo(x, y float64)
Line(x1, y1, x2, y2 float64)
LinkString(x, y, w, h float64, linkStr string)
Link(x, y, w, h float64, link int)
Ln(h float64)
MoveTo(x, y float64)
MultiCell(w, h float64, txtStr, borderStr, alignStr string, fill bool)
Ok() bool
OutputAndClose(w io.WriteCloser) error
OutputFileAndClose(fileStr string) error
Output(w io.Writer) error
PageCount() int
PageNo() int
PageSize(pageNum int) (wd, ht float64, unitStr string)
PointConvert(pt float64) (u float64)
PointToUnitConvert(pt float64) (u float64)
Polygon(points []PointType, styleStr string)
RadialGradient(x, y, w, h float64, r1, g1, b1, r2, g2, b2 int, x1, y1, x2, y2, r float64)
RawWriteBuf(r io.Reader)
RawWriteStr(str string)
Rect(x, y, w, h float64, styleStr string)
RegisterAlias(alias, replacement string)
RegisterImage(fileStr, tp string) (info *ImageInfoType)
RegisterImageOptions(fileStr string, options ImageOptions) (info *ImageInfoType)
RegisterImageOptionsReader(imgName string, options ImageOptions, r io.Reader) (info *ImageInfoType)
RegisterImageReader(imgName, tp string, r io.Reader) (info *ImageInfoType)
SetAcceptPageBreakFunc(fnc func() bool)
SetAlpha(alpha float64, blendModeStr string)
SetAuthor(authorStr string, isUTF8 bool)
SetAutoPageBreak(auto bool, margin float64)
SetCatalogSort(flag bool)
SetCellMargin(margin float64)
SetCompression(compress bool)
SetCreationDate(tm time.Time)
SetCreator(creatorStr string, isUTF8 bool)
SetDashPattern(dashArray []float64, dashPhase float64)
SetDisplayMode(zoomStr, layoutStr string)
SetDrawColor(r, g, b int)
SetDrawSpotColor(nameStr string, tint byte)
SetError(err error)
SetErrorf(fmtStr string, args ...interface{})
SetFillColor(r, g, b int)
SetFillSpotColor(nameStr string, tint byte)
SetFont(familyStr, styleStr string, size float64)
SetFontLoader(loader FontLoader)
SetFontLocation(fontDirStr string)
SetFontSize(size float64)
SetFontStyle(styleStr string)
SetFontUnitSize(size float64)
SetFooterFunc(fnc func())
SetFooterFuncLpi(fnc func(lastPage bool))
SetHeaderFunc(fnc func())
SetHeaderFuncMode(fnc func(), homeMode bool)
SetJavascript(script string)
SetKeywords(keywordsStr string, isUTF8 bool)
SetLeftMargin(margin float64)
SetLineCapStyle(styleStr string)
SetLineJoinStyle(styleStr string)
SetLineWidth(width float64)
SetLink(link int, y float64, page int)
SetMargins(left, top, right float64)
SetPageBoxRec(t string, pb PageBox)
SetPageBox(t string, x, y, wd, ht float64)
SetPage(pageNum int)
SetProtection(actionFlag byte, userPassStr, ownerPassStr string)
SetRightMargin(margin float64)
SetSubject(subjectStr string, isUTF8 bool)
SetTextColor(r, g, b int)
SetTextSpotColor(nameStr string, tint byte)
SetTitle(titleStr string, isUTF8 bool)
SetTopMargin(margin float64)
SetUnderlineThickness(thickness float64)
SetXmpMetadata(xmpStream []byte)
SetX(x float64)
SetXY(x, y float64)
SetY(y float64)
SplitLines(txt []byte, w float64) [][]byte
String() string
SVGBasicWrite(sb *SVGBasicType, scale float64)
Text(x, y float64, txtStr string)
TransformMirrorHorizontal(x float64)
TransformMirrorLine(angle, x, y float64)
TransformMirrorPoint(x, y float64)
TransformMirrorVertical(y float64)
TransformRotate(angle, x, y float64)
TransformScale(scaleWd, scaleHt, x, y float64)
TransformScaleX(scaleWd, x, y float64)
TransformScaleXY(s, x, y float64)
TransformScaleY(scaleHt, x, y float64)
TransformSkew(angleX, angleY, x, y float64)
TransformSkewX(angleX, x, y float64)
TransformSkewY(angleY, x, y float64)
Transform(tm TransformMatrix)
TransformTranslate(tx, ty float64)
TransformTranslateX(tx float64)
TransformTranslateY(ty float64)
UnicodeTranslatorFromDescriptor(cpStr string) (rep func(string) string)
UnitToPointConvert(u float64) (pt float64)
UseTemplateScaled(t Template, corner PointType, size SizeType)
UseTemplate(t Template)
WriteAligned(width, lineHeight float64, textStr, alignStr string)
Writef(h float64, fmtStr string, args ...interface{})
Write(h float64, txtStr string)
WriteLinkID(h float64, displayStr string, linkID int)
WriteLinkString(h float64, displayStr, targetStr string)
// PageBox defines the coordinates and extent of the various page box types
type PageBox struct {
// Fpdf is the principal structure for creating a single PDF document
type Fpdf struct {
isCurrentUTF8 bool // is current font used in utf-8 mode
isRTL bool // is is right to left mode enabled
page int // current page number
n int // current object number
offsets []int // array of object offsets
templates map[string]Template // templates used in this document
templateObjects map[string]int // template object IDs within this document
importedObjs map[string][]byte // imported template objects (gofpdi)
importedObjPos map[string]map[int]string // imported template objects hashes and their positions (gofpdi)
importedTplObjs map[string]string // imported template names and IDs (hashed) (gofpdi)
importedTplIDs map[string]int // imported template ids hash to object id int (gofpdi)
buffer fmtBuffer // buffer holding in-memory PDF
pages []*bytes.Buffer // slice[page] of page content; 1-based
state int // current document state
compress bool // compression flag
k float64 // scale factor (number of points in user unit)
defOrientation string // default orientation
curOrientation string // current orientation
stdPageSizes map[string]SizeType // standard page sizes
defPageSize SizeType // default page size
defPageBoxes map[string]PageBox // default page size
curPageSize SizeType // current page size
pageSizes map[int]SizeType // used for pages with non default sizes or orientations
pageBoxes map[int]map[string]PageBox // used to define the crop, trim, bleed and art boxes
unitStr string // unit of measure for all rendered objects except fonts
wPt, hPt float64 // dimensions of current page in points
w, h float64 // dimensions of current page in user unit
lMargin float64 // left margin
tMargin float64 // top margin
rMargin float64 // right margin
bMargin float64 // page break margin
cMargin float64 // cell margin
x, y float64 // current position in user unit
lasth float64 // height of last printed cell
lineWidth float64 // line width in user unit
fontpath string // path containing fonts
fontLoader FontLoader // used to load font files from arbitrary locations
coreFonts map[string]bool // array of core font names
fonts map[string]fontDefType // array of used fonts
fontFiles map[string]fontFileType // array of font files
diffs []string // array of encoding differences
fontFamily string // current font family
fontStyle string // current font style
underline bool // underlining flag
strikeout bool // strike out flag
currentFont fontDefType // current font info
fontSizePt float64 // current font size in points
fontSize float64 // current font size in user unit
ws float64 // word spacing
images map[string]*ImageInfoType // array of used images
aliasMap map[string]string // map of alias->replacement
pageLinks [][]linkType // pageLinks[page][link], both 1-based
links []intLinkType // array of internal links
attachments []Attachment // slice of content to embed globally
pageAttachments [][]annotationAttach // 1-based array of annotation for file attachments (per page)
outlines []outlineType // array of outlines
outlineRoot int // root of outlines
autoPageBreak bool // automatic page breaking
acceptPageBreak func() bool // returns true to accept page break
pageBreakTrigger float64 // threshold used to trigger page breaks
inHeader bool // flag set when processing header
headerFnc func() // function provided by app and called to write header
headerHomeMode bool // set position to home after headerFnc is called
inFooter bool // flag set when processing footer
footerFnc func() // function provided by app and called to write footer
footerFncLpi func(bool) // function provided by app and called to write footer with last page flag
zoomMode string // zoom display mode
layoutMode string // layout display mode
xmp []byte // XMP metadata
producer string // producer
title string // title
subject string // subject
author string // author
keywords string // keywords
creator string // creator
creationDate time.Time // override for document CreationDate value
modDate time.Time // override for document ModDate value
aliasNbPagesStr string // alias for total number of pages
pdfVersion string // PDF version number
fontDirStr string // location of font definition files
capStyle int // line cap style: butt 0, round 1, square 2
joinStyle int // line segment join style: miter 0, round 1, bevel 2
dashArray []float64 // dash array
dashPhase float64 // dash phase
blendList []blendModeType // slice[idx] of alpha transparency modes, 1-based
blendMap map[string]int // map into blendList
blendMode string // current blend mode
alpha float64 // current transpacency
gradientList []gradientType // slice[idx] of gradient records
clipNest int // Number of active clipping contexts
transformNest int // Number of active transformation contexts
err error // Set if error occurs during life cycle of instance
protect protectType // document protection structure
layer layerRecType // manages optional layers in document
catalogSort bool // sort resource catalogs in document
nJs int // JavaScript object number
javascript *string // JavaScript code to include in the PDF
colorFlag bool // indicates whether fill and text colors are different
color struct {
// Composite values of colors
draw, fill, text colorType
spotColorMap map[string]spotColorType // Map of named ink-based colors
userUnderlineThickness float64 // A custom user underline thickness multiplier.
density float64 // Documents density in dpi (72 by default)
type encType struct {
uv int
name string
type encListType [256]encType
type fontBoxType struct {
Xmin, Ymin, Xmax, Ymax int
// Font flags for FontDescType.Flags as defined in the pdf specification.
const (
// FontFlagFixedPitch is set if all glyphs have the same width (as
// opposed to proportional or variable-pitch fonts, which have
// different widths).
FontFlagFixedPitch = 1 << 0
// FontFlagSerif is set if glyphs have serifs, which are short
// strokes drawn at an angle on the top and bottom of glyph stems.
// (Sans serif fonts do not have serifs.)
FontFlagSerif = 1 << 1
// FontFlagSymbolic is set if font contains glyphs outside the
// Adobe standard Latin character set. This flag and the
// Nonsymbolic flag shall not both be set or both be clear.
FontFlagSymbolic = 1 << 2
// FontFlagScript is set if glyphs resemble cursive handwriting.
FontFlagScript = 1 << 3
// FontFlagNonsymbolic is set if font uses the Adobe standard
// Latin character set or a subset of it.
FontFlagNonsymbolic = 1 << 5
// FontFlagItalic is set if glyphs have dominant vertical strokes
// that are slanted.
FontFlagItalic = 1 << 6
// FontFlagAllCap is set if font contains no lowercase letters;
// typically used for display purposes, such as for titles or
// headlines.
FontFlagAllCap = 1 << 16
// SmallCap is set if font contains both uppercase and lowercase
// letters. The uppercase letters are similar to those in the
// regular version of the same typeface family. The glyphs for the
// lowercase letters have the same shapes as the corresponding
// uppercase letters, but they are sized and their proportions
// adjusted so that they have the same size and stroke weight as
// lowercase glyphs in the same typeface family.
SmallCap = 1 << 18
// ForceBold determines whether bold glyphs shall be painted with
// extra pixels even at very small text sizes by a conforming
// reader. If the ForceBold flag is set, features of bold glyphs
// may be thickened at small text sizes.
ForceBold = 1 << 18
// FontDescType (font descriptor) specifies metrics and other
// attributes of a font, as distinct from the metrics of individual
// glyphs (as defined in the pdf specification).
type FontDescType struct {
// The maximum height above the baseline reached by glyphs in this
// font (for example for "S"). The height of glyphs for accented
// characters shall be excluded.
Ascent int
// The maximum depth below the baseline reached by glyphs in this
// font. The value shall be a negative number.
Descent int
// The vertical coordinate of the top of flat capital letters,
// measured from the baseline (for example "H").
CapHeight int
// A collection of flags defining various characteristics of the
// font. (See the FontFlag* constants.)
Flags int
// A rectangle, expressed in the glyph coordinate system, that
// shall specify the font bounding box. This should be the smallest
// rectangle enclosing the shape that would result if all of the
// glyphs of the font were placed with their origins coincident
// and then filled.
FontBBox fontBoxType
// The angle, expressed in degrees counterclockwise from the
// vertical, of the dominant vertical strokes of the font. (The
// 9-oclock position is 90 degrees, and the 3-oclock position
// is 90 degrees.) The value shall be negative for fonts that
// slope to the right, as almost all italic fonts do.
ItalicAngle int
// The thickness, measured horizontally, of the dominant vertical
// stems of glyphs in the font.
StemV int
// The width to use for character codes whose widths are not
// specified in a font dictionarys Widths array. This shall have
// a predictable effect only if all such codes map to glyphs whose
// actual widths are the same as the value of the MissingWidth
// entry. (Default value: 0.)
MissingWidth int
type fontDefType struct {
Tp string // "Core", "TrueType", ...
Name string // "Courier-Bold", ...
Desc FontDescType // Font descriptor
Up int // Underline position
Ut int // Underline thickness
Cw []int // Character width by ordinal
Enc string // "cp1252", ...
Diff string // Differences from reference encoding
File string // "Redressed.z"
Size1, Size2 int // Type1 values
OriginalSize int // Size of uncompressed font file
N int // Set by font loader
DiffN int // Position of diff in app array, set by font loader
i string // 1-based position in font list, set by font loader, not this program
utf8File *utf8FontFile // UTF-8 font
usedRunes map[int]int // Array of used runes
// generateFontID generates a font Id from the font definition
func generateFontID(fdt fontDefType) (string, error) {
// file can be different if generated in different instance
fdt.File = ""
b, err := json.Marshal(&fdt)
return fmt.Sprintf("%x", sha1.Sum(b)), err
type fontInfoType struct {
Data []byte
File string
OriginalSize int
FontName string
Bold bool
IsFixedPitch bool
UnderlineThickness int
UnderlinePosition int
Widths []int
Size1, Size2 uint32
Desc FontDescType