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package gofpdf
// Adapted from by Wirus and released with the FPDF license.
// SubWrite prints text from the current position in the same way as Write().
// ht is the line height in the unit of measure specified in New(). str
// specifies the text to write. subFontSize is the size of the font in points.
// subOffset is the vertical offset of the text in points; a positive value
// indicates a superscript, a negative value indicates a subscript. link is the
// identifier returned by AddLink() or 0 for no internal link. linkStr is a
// target URL or empty for no external link. A non--zero value for link takes
// precedence over linkStr.
// The SubWrite example demonstrates this method.
func (f *Fpdf) SubWrite(ht float64, str string, subFontSize, subOffset float64, link int, linkStr string) {
if f.err != nil {
// resize font
subFontSizeOld := f.fontSizePt
// reposition y
subOffset = (((subFontSize - subFontSizeOld) / f.k) * 0.3) + (subOffset / f.k)
subX := f.x
subY := f.y
f.SetXY(subX, subY-subOffset)
//Output text
f.write(ht, str, link, linkStr)
// restore y position
subX = f.x
subY = f.y
f.SetXY(subX, subY+subOffset)
// restore font size