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package main
import (
func errPrintf(fmtStr string, args ...interface{}) {
fmt.Fprintf(os.Stderr, fmtStr, args...)
func showHelp() {
errPrintf("Usage: %s [options] font_file [font_file...]\n", os.Args[0])
fmt.Fprintln(os.Stderr, "\n"+
"font_file is the name of the TrueType file (extension .ttf), OpenType file\n"+
"(extension .otf) or binary Type1 file (extension .pfb) from which to\n"+
"generate a definition file. If an OpenType file is specified, it must be one\n"+
"that is based on TrueType outlines, not PostScript outlines; this cannot be\n"+
"determined from the file extension alone. If a Type1 file is specified, a\n"+
"metric file with the same pathname except with the extension .afm must be\n"+
errPrintf("\nExample: %s --embed --enc=../font/ --dst=../font calligra.ttf /opt/font/symbol.pfb\n", os.Args[0])
func tutorialSummary(f *gofpdf.Fpdf, fileStr string) {
if f.Ok() {
fl, err := os.Create(fileStr)
defer fl.Close()
if err == nil {
} else {
if f.Ok() {
fmt.Printf("Successfully generated %s\n", fileStr)
} else {
errPrintf("%s\n", f.Error())
func main() {
var dstDirStr, encodingFileStr string
var err error
var help, embed bool
flag.StringVar(&dstDirStr, "dst", ".", "directory for output files (*.z, *.json)")
flag.StringVar(&encodingFileStr, "enc", "", "code page file")
flag.BoolVar(&embed, "embed", false, "embed font into PDF")
flag.BoolVar(&help, "help", false, "command line usage")
if help {
} else {
args := flag.Args()
if len(args) > 0 {
for _, fileStr := range args {
err = gofpdf.MakeFont(fileStr, encodingFileStr, dstDirStr, os.Stderr, embed)
if err != nil {
errPrintf("%s\n", err)
// errPrintf("Font file [%s], Encoding file [%s], Embed [%v]\n", fileStr, encodingFileStr, embed)
} else {
errPrintf("At least one Type1 or TrueType font must be specified\n")